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Fit Me Now In is...


With just a few clicks you can book appointments with a wide variety of service providers in your area.


Save yourself time and energy. Book an appointment instantly and get seen on your schedule.


Never get overcharged again. We let you see pricing before you book so that you always know what you're getting.

The easiest way to book, period

Fit Me In Now helps you find what you're looking for with just a few clicks. No need to call two weeks in advance, just book your appointment and head directly there! Need to find a new massage therapist? Hairstylist? No problem! Browse through a variety of providers in your area, see what services they offer, and find out what other people have to say about them. Do you already have a preferred provider? Don't worry, we've got you covered. You can search for them in the app and mark them as a favorite. Then, you can get notified whenever they have an opening. If they're not in our network yet, let them know. We'd love to have them!

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Benefits of Fit Me In Now

Skip the wait

We understand that you have a busy schedule and want to help you save time. With our app, you can book an appointment immediately and get seen now. No need to call ahead!

Find great new providers

We give you the ability to discover and book with new service providers in your area. See who has an opening now and what they offer. You can even sort based on distance and rating to make finding the perfect provider easier.

Book your favorite providers

There's no need to find a new service provider if you don't want to. You can search for your current provider in our network for easy access.

Get notifications about openings

Whether you're looking for your favorite provider or just want to get an appointment as soon as possible, we can help. We'll notify you whenever someone has an opening so you never miss an opportunity to get seen.

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Download the app

Find out how easy it is to start filling your openings today.
Get started by downloading the Fit Me In Now app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To get started booking an appointment, just tell us what kind of service provider you're looking for. We'll show you a list of providers in your area and what they offer. If no one is available, we'll notify you when someone has an opening.

If there are no providers available when you're looking, we'll send you a push notification whenever someone has an opening in your area.

When you cancel or don't attend your appointment, you are still charged a fee of 20% of the service price. This charge is to compensate the provider for their time and the inconvenience.

If the provider cancels, you won't be charged anything!

Currently, the app only includes Massage Therapist, but we will be expanding that list. Stay tuned for new categories.

Yes! We are always looking for new providers to join our network. Once we have found enough providers for a category, we will add that category to the app.

Currently most of our providers are in the Central Florida area. We are always expanding our network, but it could take a while to reach your area.

Yes! You can search for specific providers by name and favorite them. You can also ask to be notified when they have openings.

No, currently the app only allows you to pay for services using a credit card.

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