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Benefits of Fit Me In Now

Fill openings quickly

With just a few clicks you can go active on the app and allow customers in your area to book openings.

Protect yourself from cancellations

If a customer cancels on you, you will still receive 20% of the service fee for your time and inconvenience.

Attract new customers

Increase your visibility and reach as part of our network and start bringing in new customers.

Get instant notifications

Whenever a customer books an appointment, we send a push notification straight to your phone so that you can prepare.

Get money in the bank

We transfer any earnings directly to your bank account on a two day rolling basis. No extra work needed.

Keep track of your earnings

You can use the stripe dashboard attached to your account to view your earnings and track revenue.

Make booking a breeze

Fit Me In Now helps streamline the booking process so that you can focus on the things that are important to your business. Just tell us how long you're available and we will help match you with interested customers in your area. Let us manage the details for you. We help you find new customers and even notify existing customers whenever you have an opening so that you can keep your schedule full. Stop letting "No Shows" affect your business.

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Join the beta

The Fit Me In Now - Provider app is now in beta.
Contact us for access to the beta and find out how easy it is to start filling your openings today.

App Screenshots

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Frequently Asked Questions

We take 15% of every transaction that occurs inside of the app.

Stripe handles all payouts in a 2-day rolling fashion. Payouts of your available account balance are made daily and contain payments processed two business days prior (this is how long it takes for your pending account balance to become available on this schedule). For example, payments received on a Tuesday are paid out by Thursday, and payments received on a Friday are paid out by Tuesday. For more information see Stripe's website.

When you are going active using the drop-down that says "I can accept customers until...", you should enter the latest time that you are willing to accept a new customer (NOT the time of your next appointment). We determine who you can match with by checking whether they can arrive at your office before the time you specified. Just ask yourself "What is the latest someone could walk through the door and I would still have time to fit them in?"

Customers initiate each appointment. To get started, you would just tell us how long you are willing to accept customers. Then, anyone that is nearby and searching for a service provider in your category would be able to see you in their app. We notify you when a customer books an appointment by sending you a push notification.

If the customer cancels, you will still receive 20% of the initial service price for the inconvenience. We also take our percentage out of this updated price.

If you cancel an appointment, two things can happen. If the customer is running more than 15 minutes late, you will still receive 20% of the initial service price for the inconvenience. We also take our percentage out of this updated price. If the customer is not running late, they won't be charged. If you cancel frequently, this will reflect poorly on you and we may remove you from the platform.

You can view your earnings inside of your stripe dashboard. You can find the dashboard using the app's navigation.

You can increase you chances of attracting customers a few different ways. First, make sure to include all of the different services that you offer (people like options). You should also include helpful descriptions for each of your services. Make sure you add a profile image on the account page (people are more likely to trust someone they've seen). Setting a longer availability also gives you a greater chance of finding a customer. We can only match you with people who can arrive before your availability ends, so the longer you're available, the more likely we can match you. Keep in mind that you should see more interested customers once you have gained a couple of good reviews.

There could be a couple reasons. We may not be in your area yet. Currently most of our users are in the Central Florida area. We are expanding our network, but it could take a while to reach your area. You may also not be finding any customers because the amount of time you're available is too small (no one can arrive in time). Lastly, you may need to be patient and get some customers to review you. People tend to trust providers who have a lot of good reviews.

Currently, the app only allows Massage Therapists to sign up, but we will be expanding that list. Reach out to us if we don't currently support your category and we will consider adding it.

Yes! We are always looking for new providers to join our network. Once we have found enough providers for a category, we will add that category to the app.

Currently we only serve people in the Central Florida area. We are always expanding our network, but it could take a while to reach your area.

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